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Dental Kit

World Best Dental Management System. Fully customizable, smart system to save time and paper.

Dental Kit

Dental Kit is a Dental Management System. Fully customizable, smart system to save time and paper.

Features & Benefits

Dental Kit comes with very powerful features to make it easy to manage the dental clinic. 

Session Management

The dental kit has session management to create and manage sessions. Also, all the channels are managed through sessions. Session queue will be available for each session.

User Management

Dental Kit can add any number of doctors to the system and has a Role-based access control system to prevent unauthorized access. Roles are default to Admin, Doctor and Assistant.

Payment Schemes

The Dental kit has a rich dynamic payment scheme section to configure easy payments for Orthodontic procedures, Technician Payment handling, and other revenue sharing configurations. Based on these configurations the system will generate revenue reports.

Patient Management

The system has a separate patient database to track treatment history. This helps doctors to look through medical history while treating the patient.

Procedure Management

The dental kit has a procedure management section where the doctors can add procedures.

Drugs Management

The dental kit has a drug management section and the medicines configured here will be available to write the prescription.

Easy Navigation

The dental kit has a very easy navigation system that helps doctors to treat a patient while saving time.

why dental kit...?

Why the Dental Kit is important to manage your operations at the clinic?


Dental Kit helps you to control the crowd in your dental clinic by sharing the ongoing channeling No. Also Contact Tracing is very easy if you keep an online system to manage your customers.

Easy Payment System

This system supports easy payment systems to help patients pay as they getting treated. With expensive Orthodontic procedures, this feature allows patients to go with easy payments and the system is tracking every payment done.

Medical History

The system is saving all the patient information including medical histories and treatment history. This helps doctors to be cautious of any allergies, medical conditions of the patients.

Revenue Sharing

If your dental clinic has more doctors where they sharing revenue with the clinic, It must be a time-consuming task at the end of the session. You must want to go home ASAP without spending that time calculating everything in the clinic. This platform has a very rich revenue-sharing scheme that can be configurable by the owner of the clinic.

Printed Prescriptions

Doctors can prepare the prescription while treating the patient and give it out as a printed prescription. This will minimize errors due to illegible handwriting

Fraud Detection

This system prevents users to issue fake payment receipts. Every payment alteration will be list down to prevent payment frauds. The owner can review the records later.


Let us answer some of your frequent questions.

Yes. We have a demo installation to try out the application. If you like to have a trial version for your dental clinic please fill out the below form or contact us.

Prices are based on your requirements. Main pricing factors are,

  • Payment Plan
  • Support Requirement
  • Additional feature requests
  • Data policy

Please contact us for quotation.

Absolutely. We understand that every dental clinic is different from each other. Thus, we provide those small customizations free of charge*

Unfortunately yes. Since the SMS service is provided by a 3rd party vendor, that feature require additional charges. But we assure that all the charges are based on notification. Detail report will be available in the system to download.

Since this is an additional service, this feature won’t available in Demo. This will be added only on request. 

We accept,

  1. Paypal
  2. Wire Transfer
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